Jonathan McArtor first appeared as a taxable adult in Loudoun County, Virginia in the 1780s. His earlier whereabouts, parents, and place and date of birth are unknown. He owned property, raised a family, and died near Hillsboro, Loudoun County, Virginia in 1835, leaving a will which names at least some of his sons and daughters.

This website is a work in progress in order to share information gathered over many decades by a host of McArtor researchers. The information is limited to the first 4 generations of Jonathan McArtor's descendents.

Some of the many McArtor researchers from across the country who worked to provide the information you see here were Frank & Virginia McArtor of Ohio, Pat McArtor of Ohio, Harvey Barfield of Illinois, Bob & Marie McArtor of California, Donald McArtor of Iowa, Annie McArthor Bateman of Georgia, Jackson Hill McArtor of Ohio, Walter A. McArtor of Virginia, Tim McArtor of Virginia, Elizabeth McArtor Harris of Virginia, and Robert (Dink) McArtor of Virginia. There isn't space to list all the others who helped provide this data.

These pages are dedicated especially to one of the researchers, ROBERT CLYDE McARTOR (1926-2017) who spent over 60 years researching, gathering information and photographs, collaborating with other researchers, and corresponding with descendents.

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